At 5:45 in the morning a group of energetic students gathered in the lobby of Dubois College House. In dapper business formal and resumes in tow, the group made its way towards 30th street station. Headed by Director of Corporate Relations Marcus Hawkins Dungy, the students were on their way to Goldman Sachs as per BWUA’s annual externship visit. On the train, it became apparent that the members were travelling to Goldman for a variety of reasons. “As a junior, this is an invaluable opportunity,” stated Vice President of Internal Relations Paul Ampofo. Eastern Languages and Cultures major Christianne Johnson, however, was en route to Goldman for a different reason. “I am not necessarily into finance but I think that it’s a great opportunity that we have.” Upon arriving at Goldman BWUA members were greeted by Dede, one of Goldman's campus recruiters. “Pay attention today,” Dede told students, “because there is a lot of information that would be incredibly beneficial for you.” From there, Goldman Sachs put on a panel of early career analysts from a variety of different divisions. Among the divisions represented were investment banking, investment management, and sales and trading. Students were encouraged to ask questions, and the members were quite active in their participation. Given the range of ages in the room, the questions ranged from being general to rather technical. From there, the members took to their feet as they were given a tour of the building. Among the tour’s highlights were Goldman’s LEED certified features, such as their automatically adjustable blinds and in-floor AC units. The climax of the tour was the visit to the trading floor, where students were able to interact briefly with real traders. From there, the day went on with a few more speakers. Following the speakers was a networking lunch in which BWUA members were encouraged to ask the crucial questions that they would be expected to grasp in interviews. In all, BWUA ‘s Goldman Sachs Externship was a smashing success. The member who went learned invaluable information about Goldman Sachs as a firm as well gained a deeper understanding of the financial services industry as a whole. BWUA hopes that this served as an excellent way to jumpstart careers.