This week BWUA hosted a summer internship panel led by Vice President of Internal Relations Paul Ampofo. The Panelists included Robbie Dixon, BWUA director of marketing Lizzi Diggs, Chris Russell, Joivannah Childs, Alex Emanuel. Each of the five panelists was a specialist in a different area; Robbie in investment management, Lizzi Diggs, Chris Russell, and Alex Emmanuel in law, and  Joivannah Childs in marketing.  The panelists each spoke to their own experiences, baring how they had arrived at their positions and giving younger members poignant advice based on their successes and minor regrets. Across the panelists, one of the major takeaways were the opportunities available to undergrads who excelled in their first internship. “There are many other smart students there,” Investment Management panelist Robbie Dixon,” and you want to show the firm that you stand out and they need to ask you to return.” Marketing panelist Joviannah Childs had a testimony that truly embodied this idea. For her sophomore summer, she had the option of working in finance at name brand Colgate or pursuing her true passion of marketing lesser known Modells. While she adamantly did not want a career in finance, she choose to take the Colgate offer given the better name and hoped that she could later transfer to marketing. After a stellar summer, Joivannah was able to approach her Managing Director and request a switch to the marketing side of Colgate. “This has never been done before,” he told her and while there was a substantial amount of pushback at the beginning, Joivannah was eventually able to get the position she had been wanting. As she said, “I was only able to do that because I had shown that I produced strong work. Because I had shown I was competent and dependable, they were willing to give me a chance in marketing. Joivannah’s story highlights the main theme of the GBM: members’ possibilities are endless, they only thing required of them is to put in the hard work.