This Tuesday BWUA hosted its second GBM of the year hosted by Director of Professional Development Titi Oshinayo and Director of Marketing Lizzi Digs. This GBM saw great success with a strong turn out of students from all years. The presentation had two features, one being the importance of crafting your online presence with care and the other staying ahead of the curve academically. Titi emphasized the importance that real companies place on student’s online profiles and gave examples of the dangers of becoming too personal online. In a creative game, the hosts told the membership of a young public school teacher who had been fired for posting inappropriate pictures on Facebook. The membership erupted into discussion on what they felt was that the picture must be. “She must have been in a club somewhere,” one member exclaimed. In the words of another student “It must have been a photo of an inappropriate relationship with a student.” Titi and Lizzie smiled as they revealed the picture. It turned out to be a docile picture of a woman smiling with two glasses of wine in her hands. There was uproar from the memberships. “People were upset because she was an adult who appeared to be enjoying her wine responsibly, “explained Lizze. “However,” as Titi continued,” it simply goes to show that even if something is technically alright employers can still draw their own conclusions and it can have consequences for you.” From there our hosts moved nicely into the discussion on how BWUA members can remain ahead of the curve academically. Titi and Lizie reminded members of University resources like Wine Garden and the Tutoring Center at Penn and spoke to the process of getting involved in both of these. The two directors stressed the importance of tutoring, and recognizing that asking for help was not a sign of weakness. Furthermore, the ladies encouraged members to seek help early in the semester, as this is the time when there is the most possibility for improvement of their grade. In sum, the GBM was incredibly informative.  Members would be wise to heed the advice, as those who put the advice into practice will see incredibly positive results in the future.

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