BWUA kicked off the semester with a Jeopardy themed GBM this past Tuesday. BWUA Jeopardy categories ranged from from Media and Entertainment to BWUA Resources. The last Jeopardy clue honored the organization's anniversary this year: " BWUA was founded in this year. The current year marks this anniversary for the club." Answer: 1985. 30th Anniversary. 

President Simon Tesfalul and VP of Corporate Development Jamol Williams chat before beginning the first round of BWUA Jeopardy.

What is Career Services? Career Services is an excellent resource for all Penn students looking to find internship opportunities, get resume help, and even interviewing advice. 


Black Wharton members were quite enthusiastic about BWUA Jeopardy. Freshman Shawn Simmons got a little more excited than we expected. We think it was all for the snazzy BWUA t-shirt.

The Proud Family themed game featured teams Suga, Gross, and Penny. Team Penny, pictured above, took an early lead and won the game, earning themselves some cool BWUA t-shirts. Congratulations Team Penny!

At the start of this month's GBM, board members introduced themselves and presented committees. Mikayla Barnett, Director of Marketing, and Jamol Williams, Vice President of Corporate Development, presented the opportunity for members to join the Marketing and Corporate committees. In addition to these two committees, members are free to join the Community Service Committee led by Rashan Prailow, Director of Community Service and the Freshman Committee led by Freshman Liason, Alexis Malcolm. 


Baltimore Crab & Seafood was served.