Our second GBM of the year, TedX BWUA, gave some of our finest black undergrads, at the forefront of their chosen fields, the opportunity to speak about their different ventures, and how the resources at Penn have aided in their success. Our speakers for the event were, Morgan Brown, Casey Bridgeford, Chaz Smith, Malik, Khalil and Ahmad Jones , Anthony Perry and Mikayla Barnett.

TEDx BWUA Speaker, Morgan Brown

TEDx BWUA Speaker, Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown, a sophomore at Penn, has a youtube channel with over 200,000 subscribers. She spoke about the nature of her videos and the following resources at Penn that continue to help her improve her skills as a both a photographer and youtube personality.

TEDx Speaker and BWUA President, Anthony Perry

TEDx Speaker and BWUA President, Anthony Perry

The BWUA President, Anthony Perry, spoke about his entrepreneurial ventures and how working with other likeminded students on campus can aid in one’s desired success.


Casey Bridgeford spoke about the successes and failures that he has encountered thus far in the business world, and how they have helped to make him stronger and reach for even greater heights

Mikayla spoke about her passion for creative marketing and entrepreneurship and the path that led her fall in love with these areas of business.

Khalil, Ahmad and Malik Jones spoke about their business “Three Triplets Fitness”. Their love for fitness and ability to impress this love upon others inspired their founding and the continuous growth of this venture. Their success has resulted in their being featured on BET as well as partnerships with other prominent fitness groups.

Chaz Smith spoke about his love for videography and why he chose this field despite the expectation growing up, that he would do something else in his life. He spoke to the importance of pursuing that which you love despite the expectations of others as that is what will ultimately ensure your success and long term happiness. 

The general members found this GBM particularly helpful, as the wide range of topics touched upon by speakers ensured that everyone could relate, at some point, to what was being said and learn about the on campus resources that could help them to pursue their dreams. If you would like to learn more about any of our speakers or their resources at Penn feel free to reach out to them