Former BWUA Co-President, Alexis-Amanda Malcolm | W'18

Former BWUA Co-President, Alexis-Amanda Malcolm | W'18

Since 1975, the Black Wharton Undergraduate Association has existed as a student led organization serving the African-American community at the University of Pennsylvania. As both an academic support and professional development organization, BWUA has had a profound impact on its members. In addition to supporting our members in gaining industry knowledge and networking skills, BWUA can be credited with directly helping its members gain access to internships and full-time jobs in some of America’s most competitive and elite Fortune 500 companies.

BWUA has a substantial alumni base spanning across the country in varied array of industries. Both the talent and motivation of this group of individuals highlight the success of BWUA’s mission. The current BWUA board realizes that having a good relationship with alumni is advantageous for ensuring both the mentorship of its members and the sustainability of the organization. As a result, we are making increasing efforts to maintain our alumni network and increase alumni interactions with the organization. Through semi-annual newsletters, we intend to keep alumni aware of the detailed progress of BWUA events and students’ individual successes. Furthermore, our multiple alumni receptions every year give alumni the opportunity to return to Penn and meet BWUA’s current members.

If you are interested in getting more involved with BWUA’s alumni initiatives or have any questions, comments, or recommendations, please contact our Director of Alumni Relations Dawit Wondimagegn at

A message from our director of alumni relations:

Accomplished BWUA Alumni!

Dawit Wondimagegn, Director of Alumni Relations

Congratulations on successfully completing your journey here at Penn. You have achieved and excelled during your short time here and stand as examples of excellence for many of us coming behind to look up to. With that being said, I ask that you please fill out our alumni survey!

Black Wharton understands the tremendous value of its alumni network. We want to keep our members up to date on your current endeavors and latest accomplishments as we work to improve the existing relationship between you and the organization. We would also like to serve you in continually connecting you with your classmates as well as older BWUA alumni as you embark on your professional journey.

This information will be used to:

1. Keep alumni connected to classmates as well as to meet fellow alumni in fields of their interest

2. Create a valuable networking resource for the entire BWUA community

3. Allow us to better keep track of our alumni to send invitations for events such as HEMM Conference, Alumni Mixers (Penn Club and beyond), and our annual G.A.L.A.

4. Feature you in our Alumni Spotlights, making our members aware of the different activities our alumni are involved in.

Additionally, I ask that you take a quick second to join our LinkedIn group. In this new digital age of recruitment and networking, we strive to make the BWUA LinkedIn page a valuable resource for all of you as you head into the workforce or graduate school. Simply type “Black Wharton Undergraduate Association Alumni” in the LinkedIn search bar and you will be able to find and join the group (direct link: ).

We see you all as an essential core to BWUA and view this as a great opportunity to strengthen our relationship with you. Each and every one of us has benefited from those who came before, and this is a great opportunity to help the younger students who will come after you. I wish you all the best for your future and have no doubt your accomplishments will soon tally up! As always, please feel free to reach out, BWUA will always be here to help in any way we can!



Dawit Wondimagegn

Director of Alumni Relations | W'19