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Jordan King, Director of Community Service

Jordan King, Director of Community Service

Black Wharton Undergraduate Association has a rich history of establishing resources for the explicit reason of distributing them for the betterment of others. BWUA is widely responsible for opening up access to premier internships, elite Fortune 500 companies, and a vast alumni network for its members. And as evident through The Black Ivy League Business Conference and Black Wharton Undergraduate Consulting, BWUA exists to expand networks and open up doors for students. Additionally, we have also been dedicated toward developing students in academic settings with access to study materials and personal sessions with professors. We have always shared and established opportunities for its members, but the organization is also deeply committed to extending these opportunities outside of its membership.

Giving back to community is an incredibly important and rewarding concept, and BWUA understands that in order to invest in the future, one must first invest in the community. Through our consulting division, we help Black owned businesses in the community to operate in a more efficient manner in order to strengthen the community. BWUA also holds events targeted toward local high school students to give them resources such as college essay workshops in order to ensure that they have access to whatever future they desire.

The importance of community service lies in the context. As residents of West Philadelphia, it is crucial to establish and maintain relationships with the community so that the current needs can be best identified and met. Our members come from a vast variety of regional locations, each with their own cultures and differences. It can be hard to come into a community and immediately learn the nuances and intricacies of the city, which is where BWUA comes in. We make the initial interactions with the community to find the organizations dedicated to true and effective change to best channel our member’s efforts toward making a difference.

Our members were able to get to this point due to the help of individuals and organizations sharing their resources to empower us. With our current position, it is imperative that we return the favor and give back to our community, whether you hail from Philadelphia or elsewhere.

If you are interested in learning how to become more involved with Community Service or if you have any questions, comments, or recommendations, please contact our Director of Community Service, Jordan King.