On March 27th, 2013, Wharton Women, Wharton Latino, and the Black Wharton Undergraduate Association hosted a case competition with the Lincoln Financial Group. After a brief presentation from Lincoln Financial's campus recruiting team, a managing director in their life insurance business department spoke to students about his career at Lincoln Financial Group and why he felt the industry was a great place for young students to begin their careers. The students were then broken up into 7 groups of 4 for the case problem in which the students worked together to come up to with recruiting strategies to attract more undergraduate students, a strategy for retaining young employees, and a model in which they should be compensated. Lincoln Financial Group employees walked around to assist the students as they came up with their solutions. After being given an hour to prepare, each team then had 7 minutes to present their solutions. Following the presentations the Lincoln Financial Group representatives led a question and answer session to address any remaning concerns. Finally, the judges deliberated and offered prizes to the top 3 groups, the top group containing BWUA members Makini Hughes & Paul Ampofo! In the end, it was a great collaboration event between Wharton Women, Wharton Latino, and Black Wharton. We would like to give a special thank you to the Lincoln Financial Group for sponsoring the event, and to all our members that came out.