On October 22nd, 2013, students from the Penn community gathered how to better present themselves both physically and online at our 2nd GBM of the semester, Building Your Personal Brand. Led by Makini Hughes and Keishawn Johnson, students learned how to craft the perfect elevator pitch, and how your culture defines you. Those in attendance then examined the importance of building a personally brand through various new outlets. Academically, students are encouraged to excel in their studies and to develop strong relationships with the professor as both aspects help students in finding internships during the summer. In the online world, students were encouraged to create LinkedIn profiles in order to access a professional social network. Additionally, students are encouraged to monitor all social media such as Twitter and Facebook while applying privacy settings as employers constantly search social media during the application process.

After great dialogue about building a personal brand, interacting with other students delivering elevator pitches, and enjoying a great meal from Pattaya, the BWUA Director of Community Service, Kerubo Mokaya spoke about the U.S. Dream Academy, featured at our first GBM, and encouraged students to become more involved with their mentorship program for children in Philadelphia.

If you wish to become more involved with the U.S. Dream Academy, please feel free to reach out to Kerubo (mowi@sas.upenn.edu)

Thank you all for coming! We hope to see you at the next GBM in November!