Our last GBM of the semester was called "What Would You Do: A Guide to Navigating Your Summer Job." It focused on how to make the best of a summer internship and handle difficult situations that might arise.

Members were broken up into teams and asked to act out different scenarios that could possibly occur while on the job. Some scenarios included managing your workload, going out to dinner with the boss, dealing with chatty co-workers and arriving late.

Some advice offered included: not ordering the most expensive meal when out to dinner with the boss; being careful but honest when arriving late; properly asking for time extensions with an excessive workload or proactively asking for more work if necessary; and finding the balance between friendliness and discipline with talkative co-workers.

Tuesday was also the senior send-off. Throwback pictures of former board members and current seniors were shown. The seniors were also given in a small gift in honor of their contributions to the Black Wharton Undergraduate Association.

Federal Doughnuts was served.