Our first Alumni Spotlight of the school year features Chad Payne, a 2016 graduate who studied Strategic Management and Business Economics & Public Policy in Wharton! Since graduating, Chad has started working for A.T. Kearny Inc., a global management consulting firm in New York City. Through his time at the firm, Chad has had the opportunity to work on various projects focused on strategy for domestic and international retail, finance, and healthcare clients.

In the near future Chad looks forward to traveling and exploring new countries and cultures, developing new relationship and building upon his current relationships, and continuing to learn both in his work and in everyday life. Outside of work, Chad has furthered his passion for health and fitness through refining his diet and incorporating meditation and mindfulness into his everyday schedule.

During his time at Penn, Chad was very involved in the Penn community, contributing to organizations such as the Black Wharton Undergraduate Association, Wharton Ambassadors, and Wharton Peer Advising Fellows, just to name a few. Most impactful of these experiences was being a mentor through Wharton and BSL and being a mentee to others within BWUA or AAMBAA. These experiences constantly humbled, inspired, and challenged him, helping to positively shape his Penn experience. As he looks back, Chad would advise current students to focus on the long term, not just the next two years, and to not compare themselves with others as success comes in many different shapes and sizes.

For those who are about to begin their career, Chad also makes a point to advise that being nice to everyone at the office is a major key to success. “From your manager and teammates to the receptionist and custodial staff. It’s important to build a strong rapport with everyone you meet and there’s always something you can learn from them, regardless of the role.”

In thinking about the relationships he’s been able to forge at Penn and within BWUA, Chad notes that maintaining as many relationships as possible is important. He constantly runs into BWUA alumni while living in New York and even at the airport when he’s traveling. The mentors he’s had through BWUA have helped him in various ways, from starting his career off on the right foot to small things like helping him find a great barber in the city.

If you would like to learn more about Chad or get in contact with him, please contact our current Alumni Chair, Dawit Wondimagegn.