BWUA’s second GBM of the semester “Who Wants to Be a Bwuillionaire” was geared towards teaching members all they needed to know about the on campus recruiting process (OCR). OCR is a campus wide initiative that takes place during the fall semester. It is a time when companies from the banking, consulting, tech, retail, marketing and education industries (to just name a few) recruit students heavily from the junior class and somewhat from all others. Many students feel overwhelmed by the process and so Justine Murray, Historian, Peter Ojo, Freshman Liaison and Kimberly Madauban, Director of Professional Development, sought to dispel some of the scarier myths associated with the phrase as well as highlight the keys needed to successfully navigate the process.

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The GBM commenced with a quick rundown of what OCR entailed and how to take advantage of PennLink, QuakerNet and the other resources Penn provides.

Following this information session, the attendees were divided into two teams that then competed to prove how much they truly knew about the OCR process. The categories tested included what freshman had to know, How to navigate info sessions and OCR, how to prep for an interview as well as what to do after getting a job offer

The combination of good food, great people and a rousing game served to transform this GBM from a mere learning session to a memorable and exciting experience. It is our hope that all in attendance learned what they needed to about OCR and, if not, know that they can reach out at any time to anyone on the board as we would love to help all our members successfully navigate this process.