Two years ago, we launched the first ever Black Ivy League Business Conference where we brought together over one hundred and fifty Black students from all 8 Ivy League universities for a three day conference filled with senior speakers, corporate sponsors, and networking opportunities. This year, we started BWUA Consulting to deepen our impact in the Philadelphia community.

BWUA Consulting is a new branch of our organization formed with the purpose enabling our members to apply what they learn in class by solving the some of the problems faced by Philadelphia businesses today.

BWUA Consulting not only helps our members become more prepared for a career in consulting, but it is also the embodiment of our longstanding commitment to our neighboring Philadelphia community.  By leveraging what we learn at the University of Pennsylvania, BWUA consultants transform black businesses in Philadelphia and share the knowledge we receive from our Ivy League institution. As Isaiah Washington, the head of the BWUA Consulting effort, puts it “BWUA Consulting specifically targets minority owned businesses in Philadelphia. It is part of our mission to use our skills to uplift the minority community and contribute to economic development within it." BWUA Consulting is made up of twenty-three members. Fifteen students work as consultants and team leaders, directly interacting with local companies. Eight students serve as part of the Consultant Development Committee and help to craft consulting skills workshops for BWUA and BWUA Consulting members to get a better grasp of the skills needed to be a successful consultant.

Team leaders especially get to develop a unique skill set. Not only do they have to manage their team, they also get to select what project they want to work on and then try and select team members who fit the specific skills needed by each specific project. Individual consultants also get a unique experience as they get great exposure to consulting and get to learn what life as a consultant entails in a hands-on way. “Before coming to Penn I had no idea what a consulting firm was, and I felt most comfortable turning to Black Wharton and BWUA Consulting to teach me. I’ve learned so much about this side of the business world and gained so much actual experience working as a consultant through BWUA Consulting,” says Nyeem Maloney, a current consultant and Director of Marketing for BWUA.

Although it’s still in the early stages of its life, BWUA Consulting has already had an impact on students here on campus and in the community here around Penn. As we continue to grow this mission and deepen our relationship with Philadelphia businesses, we look forward to where our organization will go and look forward to seeing the long-lasting impact it will have on our members and the community.