BWUA Family,

We hope you all have been having a great summer! Since many of you are probably halfway through with your internships, we wanted to send over some quick words of advice and tips to help you continue to succeed for the summer and hopefully get that return offer.

Continue to ask intelligent questions: As an intern, your bosses know that you will not have all the answers or know everything no matter how long you have worked on a project. Therefore, it is important to stay curious and ask employees questions about their work, their journey to the firm, and their own passions.

Ask team members for coffee or lunch: You are working with incredibly smart, interesting, and accomplished individuals, take the time to get to know them and let them get to know you. It is never too late to meet someone new.

Take notes: Whether it is a meeting with one other individual or teaching session with your internship class, show that you are engaged by making note of important comments and interesting insights.

Acquire feedback: Although many of you probably have formal midterm reviews, ask for feedback from your boss and other colleagues in informal settings. This will show that you are not complacent and are continually seeking to improve yourself, even as the internship is only halfway complete.


**Remember: Although it is work, your internships are incredible opportunities to take in all your firm has to offer. Enjoy the experience, you earned it!

If you ever need any personal advice, please feel free to reach out to email us! We would be more than happy to help!


The BWUA Board